like Abram, like Lot

This week in Second Helping we studied chapter 14 of Genesis, when Abram rescues Lot and then meets the great Melchizedek.

We talked about how most of us identify more with Lot than with Abram's great faith; always making wrong choices and needing to be rescued over and over again. Unfortunately, we know that Lot will return to Sodom, and will need to be rescued again--seems that he just doesn't get it. But God is merciful, using his uncle Abram to rescue him time and again.

Paul writes in Ephesians 2 "And you were dead...But God, being rich in mercy...even when we were dead...made us alive together with grace you have been saved"

God is a rescuer, a deliverer, a saver. Let us never forget that, even while we strive to be like Abram in faith, that we are still rescued like Lot, and that it is only God's mercy.