What can you give that we can REALLY use?

A gift we really loved! 
If you have ever worked at a non profit you have received some terrible well meaning donations.
So a friend asked us what we can REALLY use... So I decided to give you a big list!
But first I will tell you some stories.
Step is a friend we have known for a few years. He found a bagel shop that was setting its leftovers in a bag in the trash nightly and began acquiring this bag sunday nights and bringing it to pancakes to feed the early arrivers before we made it in the morning. It was such a blessing. There was no desperately hungry souls- we could eat slowly as we love!
Mud is another friend we adore who has been picking blackberries in the park every year in season and bringing them to pancakes to add!
Ryan ground scored (found on the sidewalk) a travel apple to apples game last week and brought it for me, knowing my affinity for the game!
One week I forgot my wallet and needed bus fare- I turned to the nearest friend spanging who immediately gave me the 2$  in change I needed without a hesitation and with a smile- we all know how fun it is to give!
Suzanne would come over monthly around the day her food stamps got turned on a cook a feast at our house and take it out to the park.
Our friends our crazy generous.
Its easy to give when you can look around you and see what is needed and look at what you have to give and make it happen! 
So there you go!
I leave you with a quote.
Give what you have. To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.” 
― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow