So you Wanna Know What You Can Give That Really Helps?

 If you have ever worked at a non profit you have received some terrible well meaning donations.

So a friend asked us what we can REALLY use... So we decided to give you a big list!

Street needs:

·       First and foremost as always, socks and underwear (any traveling kid will be your best friend with a pair of clean socks :)
·       Feminine products
·       Tents
·       Sleeping bags (army bags preferably)
·       Small Tarps (preferably brown or green)
·       Backpacks
·       Goodwill gift card
·       Id voucher
·       Quality counseling sponsor
·       Flywheel coffee gift card
·       Whole Foods gift card
·       Another way for homeless friends to eat on a daily basis in Haight
·       A safe dry place to sleep that allows dogs and significant others and discipleship- a transitional but loving home.
·       Lockers so you can go to appointments or even church easily- without what you own being stolen
·       Friends who are sober to hang out with our friends on the street and do normal life things together!
·       New full time staff!
·       Jobs short and long term- so they can get experience and a more current resume as well as legally earned cash!
·       Vehicles for specific sober friends
·       Travel help- flights or greyhound tickets to go home!

Housewarming gifts for newly housed friends:

·       Laptops
·       George forman
·       Crock pot
·       Electric tea pot
·       Coffee set up
·       Microwave
·       Warm blankets

Stuff our house can use:

·       Financial support to get each staff fully funded-
·       Airline miles, or sponsor one of our trips!
·       Grocery cards (safeway, whole foods, trader joes, rainbow, foodsco)
·       Gas cards
·       Blankets
·       Small heaters
·       4 Fans   
·       Shelving for storage
·       Back up pancake power box or someone to invent a new awesomer longer lasting system!
·       A 2000+ watt power inverter

We could use your Talents and Connections!

·       Legal council for friends as well as for pancakes as issues arise
·       Personal assistant
·       Wifi consultant to make it reach our whole house!
·       Volunteer counselor for homeless friends who are scared to go to a center or don’t qualify for free counseling.
·       Babysitters (esp during bible study)
·       Handyman
·       Plumber
·       Bible lovers- to guest facilitate bible study on specific topics as they come up! Perhaps a theology nerd?
·       A person older then us who wants to have kids over for tea and cookies and love on them! Be grandma/grandpa for many who don’t have elders.
·       A house sitter who is willing to host kids while we are gone.- Just sleep at our house and make sure people are alive J
·       A musician who can jam with kids
·       Someone who can introduce good Christian hardcore/punk/folk music to our kids!
·       A Job connector please! To connect us or our kids to possible jobs or to hire them! Please!
·       A passionate person to manage our Odd Jobs website- connecting youth to short term odd jobs for individuals and individuals to a person who needs a short job!
·       A job coach- helping kids get to where they want to be!
·       Rainy day or emergency housing- a person we could call when we have someone who really needs housing but we can’t provide it.
·       A writer to collect our stories and write them well
·       A once a year house deep cleaner volunteer group
·       Moms to visit moms for play dates who are holed up in hotels and learning how to parent.
·       We go on retreats a few times a year to pray or to plan for the year, or sometimes when tough stuff happen to get away and pray and process, so houses with 1+ empty bedrooms that are within 2 hours of SF that you would be willing to let SFOC staff stay in for 2 or 3 nights would be lovely.
·       Other random skills we don’t even know you have! – Tell us what you could do for us and we can tell you if a situation comes up where we could need you!

Pancake supplies-
for 1 year we buy in bulk and spend on average: 926.42$ for Syrup, Sugar, Creamer, Coffee, Pancake batter, Forks, Plates, Cups, etc…

Rainbow Gathering Kitchen supplies:
Around 300$ plus gas.

Thanks for caring!

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