Dawn of Day

This is a song by our friend Scott Mitchell

'Dawn of Day'
The dawn of day I miss so much
Watching the darkness melt beneath the light
Like an angels burning touch
Still somehow I can never seem to get it right
:1st verse:
So here I sit inside this cage
Lord please take this anger and rage
Hatred tries to rise up again
It's so hard once it all begins
People here that claim your name
then curse each other it's so insane
So I write my prayers in poetry
I want you not the majority
Guard me heart soul and mind
As once again I'm doing time
:2nd verse:
I heard a convict claim your love
While his knuckles still stained with blood
I guess his idea of mercy and grace
Is bruising up someone else's face
Blessings and curses fill the air
Hypocrites and liars pollute the air
It's so hard not to sit and judge
It ain't easy trying to live in love
Lord help me stand against the odds
Enemy to the world I'm a servant to God