I've Walked Through the Desert Heat

a poem by our friend Scott Mitchell

I've walked through the desert heat
I've felt its sun blister my skin
I've shivered in the Montana snow
And even predicted my own end
I've slept with one eye open
In an alley way where junkies fix
Stolen from corporate America
Just for stupid silly kicks
I've sat for hous on city streets
Sparen for left overs and change
I've lied for the sake of lying
When the truth wouldn't hurt
I've lived a life of insanity
So illogical and absurd
And those who've tried to love me
I have simply pushed aside
Drunkenness and self loathing
Are the fortress walls in which I'd hide
Lord please take this sinner
And please save me from myself
I'm lost with no real direction
I need you Jesus an no one else
Come into my heart, Dear Lord
And teach me to walk within your light
Weaken me, for you're my only strength
Walk with me both day and night